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Message from Campus Chief

Bipin Karki

Mangalbare Multiple Campus, Deumai -4 Mangalbare is one of the community based campus Established in the year 2063. The Effort and investment of local interested people and stockholder have been work hard which resulted for it’s  better stand to run as a community based campus in this region . The campus got affiliation from T.U and has been conducting Different faculties , i.e Humanities, Education & management efforts with the molto  of quality education . The hard and continuous contribution of local member, Intellectuals  and stockholders have helped the campus to get established itself considering the quality assurance. the contribution of landlords Who provided free land, has secular  donation from U.G.C. ( constituency member fund)   local government, Deumai municipality and other government& non -government organization have proved the way for the fulfill ment of  minimum basic physical infrastructure and in addition to campus Development fund . it established for better & smooth run making it economically String.

            Presently the campus Despite of the constraints of resources the qualitative expansion has been highly Spectacular after the visit of the per review team from U.G.C. The team after monitoring the Quantitative & qualitative control as well as its expansion has handed the certificate of QAA cycle completion letter and said that the philosophical basis of quality is the innate characteristics to get full certified . As a selective phenomenon ,only few can action quality Assurance Accreditation it has shown the path to complete few works to get the rumpus certified   and the entire team have been stretching forward to attain it for perfection stress  is laid on the need to fulfill the needs and demand to get certified and we would lieu to extend dour heart to   all the  team & concerned authorities for their valuable  efforts & suggestion  we would welcome the team with high spirit & enthusiasm and invite suggestions from Respected  local Members , entrepreneurs, Stakeholders & coopered authorities and other Dignitaries.              



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August 27, 2023

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May 17, 2023