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Institutional Overview

Mangalbare Multiple Campus, affiliated to Tribhuvan University has already started to prop up the expectation of students in the course of its nearly a decade long academic journey. Apart from academic, the campus emphasizes on students' exquisite potentiality by developing this campus as the open minded learning center of multicultural students. It is expected that the students from this campus will be genius for facing the emerging challenges existed rapidly in society due to the social transformation.

परीक्षा आवेदन फाराम भर्ने सम्वन्धी अत्यन्त जरुरी सूचना ।

प्रस्तुत सम्वन्धमा त्रिभुवन विश्वविद्यालय परीक्षा नियन्त्रण कार्यालय बल्खु द्वारा २०७७ सालमा सञ्चालन गरिने ब्यवस्थापन मानविकी तथा शिक्षाशास्त्र संकाय अन्तर्गत ४ वर्षे तथा ३ बर्षे स्नातक तह दोस्रो वर्षका नियमित तथा

Why Choose Us?

  • Best Teaching Methodologies
  • Better Result
  • Better Number of Graduates
  • Good Teaching Environment
  • Highly Skilled and Dedicated Faculties
  • Friendly Environment